Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Gallogly Auditing & Consulting, LLC different from other Orlando accounting firms?

What makes us unique is our ability to be more than number crunchers to our clients. While we perform audits and reviews and provide tax consulting like most Orlando CPAs, we also do much more. We provide corporate financial planning and hands-on business consulting, equipping our clients to make the best financial decisions for the future of their company.


What size clients do you serve?

Gallogly Auditing & Consulting works with Central Florida entrepreneurs and family-owned companies as well as well as private equity-backed businesses. Our clients range from under $5-million startups to established $100-million companies.


Where are your clients located?

Most of our accounting clients are located in the Orlando and Central Florida area. We do also work with several select businesses in other parts of Florida and in other states.


Can you help with banking, law firm and other service provider relationships?

Yes. We have strong relationships within the financial community including all major commercial banks and finance companies, law firms, insurance brokerages, staffing companies and other service providers serving the Central Florida business community. We are pleased to connect you with the right people as your needs grow and change.


Will your CPAs travel to service my needs?

Absolutely. We commonly provide our services at client facilities no matter where they are located.


Do you outsource any services?

Yes. Outsourcing allows us to deliver diverse services to our clients without the overhead of carrying idle expertise. The benefit to you is access to specialists who are uniquely qualified to meet your needs.


How do you price your services?

The fees for our services are based on competitive pricing in the Central Florida market and are invoiced on an hourly-rate basis or a fixed-price basis depending upon the nature of our services.


Is community service important to your firm?

Yes. Over the years, we have given of our time and money to many community organizations, and this tradition continues at Gallogly Auditing & Consulting, LLC. We expect our team members to give back to the community and encourage them to take leadership positions in making Central Florida a better environment in which to live and work.


Is Gallogly Auditing & Consulting, LLC affiliated with Gallogly, Fernandez & Riley, LLP?

Dan Gallogly co-founded and is the former managing partner of Gallogly, Fernandez & Riley, LLP (GFR). Dan Gallogly formed Gallogly Auditing & Consulting, LLC after his departure from GFR in June 2004.

Gallogly Auditing & Consulting, LLC is not affiliated with GFR in any way and sets itself apart as a unique firm, serving as a solutions-oriented provider of accounting and related consulting services to Central Florida businesses.


What is Dan Gallogly’s history with BDO Seidman, LLP and the BDO Seidman Alliance?

Dan Gallogly started his career with BDO Seidman’s Orlando office in 1986. Dan rose through the ranks and was named managing partner of the Orlando office in 1996. In 2000, Dan led the acquisition of this practice from BDO Seidman and became Gallogly, Fernandez & Riley, LLP’s liaison with the Alliance and its many participating firms.


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