Assurance Services

Gallogly Auditing & Consulting, LLC provides a full range of assurance services to Orlando and Central Florida-area companies, including audits as our firm’s name suggests, along with financial statement reviews, compilations and special services.

We address the needs of local businesses regardless of size. Our largest client has revenues in excess of $100 million, and our smallest has revenues of under $5 million. Each is equally important and receives prompt and professional service from our experienced accountants.

Our unique role as independent auditor and advisor gives us an exceptional opportunity to make recommendations to management in all areas of financial reporting and operations. Though recent government regulations and new professional standards for auditors have drawn bright lines to separate auditors from management, we can still bring great value with our insights into the operation of a client’s business and the talents of its management team.

Our client engagement teams, comprised of seasoned auditors and business advisors, will quickly get up to speed on your business and be able to provide you with thought-provoking recommendations.

Common themes our teams uncover in entrepreneurial companies include information technology security risks, under-utilization of financial information, cash flow restrictors, internal control weaknesses and even employee competencies and communication issues.

Below you’ll find profiles of our typical clients:

Audit Client Profiles

Review or Compilation Client Profiles

Gallogly Auditing & Consulting, LLC has provided a full range of assurance services to diverse businesses throughout the Orlando area. We can do the same for you. Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting.

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